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Prepared Dinners

Domestic Carnivore is your source for quality, locally sourced, prepared raw food dinners for pets featuring;

  • Tollden Farms
  • Big Country Raw*
  • Bold By Nature
  • Iron Will Raw**
  • Raw Performance
  • Healthy Paws (Big Box Dinners)
  • Carnivora
  • Back2Raw
  • Smack Pet Food
  • ZiwiPeak (NZ)
  • Open Farm

Prepared dinners are convenient, scoop and serve, pre-ground, and in most cases complete meals with organ meat, tripe, and kelp for a balanced dinner.

*Denotes diets balanced to NRC standards.

**Denotes diets balanced to AAFCO standards

Available Sizes:

Available in 1lb, 2lb, and 4lb re-sealable containers, 1lb blocks, and 4oz and 8 oz. patties. Bulk options are also available for large or multi-dog households.

  • These products are available in conveniently sized vac-seal packaging or stackable containers that save freezer space, come in a variety of protein sources, and offer portion sizes that make it cost effective for all size pets.
  • Some manufacturers, for example Tollden Farms, Iron Will Raw, and Healthy Paws (Big Box Dinners) have pre-added fish oil and kelp making it simple to serve a complete balanced species appropriate raw food diet.
Raw Meat Pet Food - Prepared Dinner

Raw Meaty Bones

We have two freezers dedicated to Raw Meaty Bones featuring duck frames, wings, necks and feet, turkey necks, chicken feet and necks.

  • Chicken necks
  • Chicken feet
  • Duck necks
  • Duck frames
  • Duck feet
  • Duck wings
  • Turkey necks
  • Beef neck bones
  • Beef rib bones
  • Kangaroo tails
  • Lamb necks
  • Whole quail
  • …and many more

“Plaque is constantly accumulating in your pet’s mouth. Accumulation of plaque rapidly becomes mineralized to form calculus. Conditions suitable for the growth of anaerobes exist in plaque after three to four days of maturation. Periodontal disease is the dependable consequence of plaque accumulation and mineralization.

More than 85% dogs and cats over the age of 3 years are suffering from periodontal disease to a degree that would benefit from treatment.

Research indicates that dogs with periodontal disease may develop further problems in heart, kidneys or bone marrow.

Chewing on raw bones is the most effective means of controlling periodontal disease in small carnivores.”

– Dr. Tom Lonsdale BVSc
(Cybernetic Hypothesis of Periodontal Disease in Mammalian Carnivores – Journal of Veterinary Dentistry – March 1994)

The scraping, tearing and crunching of meat and bone is the natural tooth brush of the carnivore.

Natural Treats/Bulk Treats

Domestic Carnivore is pleased to offer dehydrated and freeze-dried treats with such favorites as beef liver, beef lung, duck feet, duck necks, and more. We also carry Bully Sticks, Himalayan yak chews, and ZiwiPeak deer shank bones for a good chew.

We offer a wide selection of treat options to ensure that even our allergy dogs can enjoy a special reward.

Freeze-Dried Treats

Freeze-drying works by freezing the material and then reducing the surrounding pressure to allow the moisture in the material to evaporate.

Dehydrated Treats

The dehydration process uses circulation of low heat to slowly remove moisture.  Domestic Carnivore’s own brand of dehydrated treats support local farms and the community.


Slobber’s brand cookies are available if your friend prefers a crunchy treat. Available in Coconut Bananza, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Love, and Peanut Butter Bananza.

*Slobber’s treats are grain free and every ingredient has been verified organic by ECOCERT Canada.

Dehydrated Beef Lung.

The Perfect Treat.